Koolcarb Carbide Straight Long Drill

Performance solid carbide coolant-through drill

Tool Features

  • 2FL
  • Carbide
  • 125°
  • Intermediate length
  • Coolant-through
  • Straight Flute
  • Uncoated

Koolcarb | Series 174 Overview

  • Carbide-tip coolant-through drill for tool steels, titanium, cast iron and other abrasive materials
  • Double margin for excellent straightness and smooth finish
  • Solid carbide construction increases penetration results over gun drills

Work Materials

  • K1: Cast Iron (Gray, CG)
  • K2: Cast Iron (Ductile, A536)
  • P2: Steel (4140, 8620)
  • S1: High Temp (Iconel, Ni-based)
  • S2: High Temp (Ti6Al4V)


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