PAC Reamers

Precise. Accurate. Concentric.

This replacement for chucking reamers ensures perfect straightness regardless of the pre-drilled hole, while maintaining hole size and finish. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical machining applications.

The PAC Reamers unique guide pad also serves as a burnisher, allowing for substantially improved surface finishes over conventional reamers.

  • Ideal for ferrous materials up to 40Rc and good in non-ferrous materials under 4xD
  • Proprietary geometry ensures perfect straightness regardless of pre-drilled hole condition
  • Custom options include length variations, material specific coatings and coolant-through port

Work Materials

  • P1: Steel (1018, 1050)
  • P2: Steel (4140, 8620)
  • K1: Cast Iron (Gray, CG)
  • K2: Cast Iron (Ductile, A536)