Hurrimill™ HGW7 7 Flute End Mill

Solid carbide end mills for alloy steels, HRSA, hardened steel

Tool Features

  • Variable
  • 7FL
  • Radius
  • Square
  • FX1
  • Variable Helix
  • Variable Index

Hurrimill™ - HGW7 | Series 1040 Overview

  • The HGW7 is ideal for hardened steel, die steel and HRSA
  • 7-flute variable helix design is well suited for conventional and high efficiency profile milling
  • Aggressive edge prep permits higher speeds in tough materials for the ultimate in high efficiency milling

Work Materials

  • P1: Steel (1018, 1050)
  • P2: Steel (4140, 8620)
  • H1: Hardened Steel (44-53 HRC)

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