Alumigator™ ASR5 5 Flute End Mill - Super Rougher

Solid carbide coolant-through end mills for high speed roughing in Aluminum

Tool Features

  • 5FL
  • Coolant-through
  • Radius
  • Square
  • Bright

Alumigator™ - ASR5 | Series 1500 Overview

  • Unequal indexing configuration reduces chatter for optimized high efficiency milling
  • 5-flute configuration with polished flutes for metal removal rates up to 80 cubic inches per minute
  • Staggered roughing serrations ensure small chips to enable more aggressive feed rates and depths of cut

Work Materials

  • N1: Non-ferrous (6061, 7075)
  • N2: Non-ferrous (Si + 10%)

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