TiFeed 5-7 Flute High Feed Mill - Coolant Through

Coolant-fed carbide high feed end mill for Titanium & Stainless Steel

Tool Features

  • AlTiN
  • Coolant-through

TiFeed | Series 2053 Overview

  • Coolant-fed version for coolant-through machines optimizes performance and tool life
  • 5-7 flutes depending on diameter help to disperse heat via more cutting edges
  • High positive rake with 30 degree helix ensures free cutting action

Series Lineup


Series 2053

5-7 Flute High Feed Mill - Cooant Through

Work Materials

  • M1: Stainless Steel (302, 304)
  • M2: Stainless Steel (310, 316)
  • S1: High Temp (Inconel, Ni-based)
  • S2: High Temp (Ti6Al4V)

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